Active aging in the EU

Against the background of demographic change and an aging population in the EU, it is a challenge for adult education providers througout Europe to focus on this increasingly growing and important group of people at the age of 65 and above who have reached retirement age and have withdrawn from the labor force. Nowadays, retirement can be seen as an increasingly active phase of life where people still have the opportunity to continue contributing to society. They wish to be independent and live participative lives well into older age and take responsibility for their own wellbeing. This, however, requires physical and mental health. Research shows that physical activity enhances the physical and mental health which is necessary to increase the quality of life.

Active and healthy aging is an essential part of the „Strategy Europe 2020“, whose success deeply depends upon enabling the elderly to contribute to society. “Older people have to have the opportunity to stay healthy and active, as citizen, as jobholders, as consumer, as carer and as volunteer.”