ProEduca z.s.. Czech Republic

ProEduca ( is non-profit organisation providing professional educational and counselling services in the field of human resources and project management.

ProEduca’s mission is to support the professional competencies mainly of schools and non-profit organisations by:

– coaching the project managers through the process of preparation of the grant application and the management of awarded projects;

– preparation and realisation of the educational programs for teachers, project managers and financial managers of the project teams;

– cooperation with the home and foreign partners on the preparation of the new eduactional projects;

mediation of the professional international trainee-ships for the project team’s members.

Our services are used mainly by non-profit organisations, public and state administration, elementary schools, high schools and universities as well as entrepreneurs.

Our team is built up by professionals with long term professional experience in the preparation and management of several projects of Operation program Human resources development, Operation program Human resources and employability, Lifelong Learning Program and Erasmus+.