The Centre for the innovation and development of education and technology (from now on CIDET) is a training and consultancy company focused on adult learning and technology enhanced education. CIDET is set in the city of Castellón (Spain) but works with cooperation with partners throughout the whole country and abroad.

Our main area of expertise is the use of technology on education from three perspectives:

– The technology as a subject and teaching content not only for adult learners, but also for trainers and staff. We focus on learning virtual environments and virtual learning networks (e-learning)

– The technology as a tool and methodology: learning other subjects and aptitudes (as languages, health, culture, tolerance, entrepreneurship…) in other contexts (in classrooms, self-learning, rural areas…), needs (people in risk of exclusion, disabled, immigrants,….) and models (non-formal, informal, collaborative, serious games,…)

– Allowing the permeability with interdisciplinary formal pathways, acquisition of personal, social and formal skills and qualifications, but also non-formal and informal competences. In a lifelong learning context, the technology potentiates other learning activities and reach digital inclusion in the present society.

As a training, consultancy and ICT experts, the main strengths of CIDET are the expertise and knowledge acquired when developing and creating learning environments, courses, training activities and materials. In CIDET we always pursue continuous improvement (through evaluation and quality processes), innovation (research on pedagogy, but also ICT tools) and social impact (dissemination, change, exploitation). The list of educational activities and projects involved can be checked at